Letex Spezialgarne GmbH was founded in 1980.

    At that time, fast weaving machines were placing increasing stress on the selvedge. Letex GmbH set out to develop a selvedge yarn capable of withstanding such duress.

    Since then, the specifications for selvedge yarn have become increasingly more complex. Rotational speeds of weaving machines have risen further and the stresses exerted in the finishing process can be enormous. Our goal is to keep pace with these requirements, producing selvedge yarn that is capable of satisfying these expectations.

    Our annual sales of selvedge yarn have risen to approximately 250,000 kg in the meantime. We supply around 350 customers worldwide, who use the yarn to produce over 2 billion m of material.

    Our selvedge yarns are used both in classic clothing fabrics and industrial materials for airbags, geotextiles, construction textiles etc.

    Sewing threads are another major product group in our range. Our customers in this sector are quilt manufacturers and clothing manufacturers.

    The continuous rise in demand for yarns and threads with strictly-defined technical characteristics led to Letex relocating to its own, modern production site in 1998, with the company headquarters moving to Augsburg.

    Our modern machinery enables us to guarantee a consistently high standard of quality. It was this pursuit of quality that also drove us to acquire DIN EN ISO 9001 certification in 1996, with this since joined by certification to DIN EN ISO 9001-2000.

    We look forward to the challenges that you present to us, and to providing you with the benefits of our many years of know-how.